Heronfield ia a family run rescue   with the  help of volunteers ,donations and a huge amount of dedication and a love for animals.

Our aim is to help unwanted injured and  orphaned animals and  birds.

The  center was started by Mitch’s father who was aptly nicknamed”Dr Dolittle ” Mitch grew up around animals and then carried on with the  dedication to the centre.

Where possible animals at the center will be re homed or released  back into the wild.

We have had  hundreds of animals and birds come into our care over the  years and we have successfully rehabilitated and released back in to the wild a large proportion of these.

Some have found new homes and the rest we have here are being  rehabilitated,being treated for various illnesses or are simply here because they  have no where else to go.

We also take in small domestic pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets etc and good homes are always needed for them.

Most of  our animals  in our care will eventually grow up and  either be rehired or released back into the wild.

There is always a chance that some animals may never fully recovered will remain residents at Heronfields for life.

We are unable to take in dogs and  cats as we do not have the facilities,but there are many specialist groups nearby and we are only to pleased to help.

Meet Sammy

Come and meet Sammy our resident Shetland pony. He came to us with a very loving personality, His previous owner was going to sell him for horse meat but Mitch stepped in and paid the dealer a lot of money to save him. He now has a beautiful paddock surrounded by everyone who loves him. He likes a lot of cuddles and is a very popular resident at the centre.

This is why is it so important that we at Heronfields continue to do the  work we do, which is to rescue unwanted ,orphaned and injured and animals and birds ,so that the animals who never fully recover have a safe and  caring  place to stay 

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